Thanksgiving Meal 2020


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Thank you for choosing Chef Jason Wyrick and The Vegan Taste for your Thanksgiving meal!

PICKUP and DELIVERY: You may pick up your meals from Casa Terra on Wednesday the 25th from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. You can also have your meals delivered to your home on Wednesday for an additional $20 for the entire order.

Your feast comes with:

Pumpkin Risotto 

A creamy pumpkin risotto with roasted cauliflower (please note if you choose gluten-free at checkout, your order will come with 2 servings of risotto instead or the Turk’y roast


Turk’y Roast

A garlicky turk’y roast with extra porcini gravy


Casa Terra Mozzarella and Apricot Mezcal Preserves

House made mozzarella with apricot mezcal preserves


Crispy Sage Mashed Potatoes

Made with roasted garlic, cream cheese, and crisped sage


Porcini Gravy

A creamy gravy for mashed potatoes or turk’y


Gingered Purple Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon Maple Syrup

Roasted purple skinned sweet potatoes with salted pomegranate maple syrup and crème anglaise


White Wine & Smoked Paprika Stuffing

Fresh baked ciabatta and walnut stuffing with smoked paprika and a hint of white wine (if you choose gluten-free at checkout, your stuffing will be made with apples instead or bread)


Kale Salad with Infused Raisins & Cranberries

Kale salad with lemon poppy dressing and infused raisins and cranberries


Butternut Squash Soup with Casa Terra Blue Cheese and Pepitas

Chipotle butternut squash soup with house made blue cheese and pepitas


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